Heaven Blessed is a tribute to the people that are woven into our lives; the few with whom we experience the best and the worst. It is dedicated to those that grasp an eternal presence in our hearts. They are witnesses to our lives in each step taken and every moment stood still. They are gifts from God and as such evoke a sacred part of us, our ability to love and connect with others. We have been granted blessings from God to learn and love and to survive. As basic and fundamental as the gift of our ears to hear and our eyes to see are our relationships with those special few.

This collection of photographs shows the small and humble moments that together add significance and relevance to life. I hope that through the images of the important few in my life, you will see the eyes of your loved ones. I hope that you will recall the people you need in life.

Heaven blessed me with three of the most intrinsically beautiful souls. My sisters are my anchor and my best friends. Their presence in these photographs and in the project as a whole establishes this work as important and honorable. I struggle to find words that encompass the gratitude I feel for them as well as my Father in Heaven for entrusting me with a relationship so beautiful. I pray these images will say what I cannot.

Kati Ellis